Client FAQs

Who is n•site?
n•site is a family owned and operated company, founded on strong relationships, open communication, 10 years of market research experience, and 'Ngenious' - the latest web-based surveying system the market has to offer.
Who are n•site shoppers?
  • n•site shoppers are people whom we profile to ensure that they fit into the target market of each particular establishment. n•site will match the client to the shopper to create a perfect shop experience for both.
  • n•site shoppers are anonymous when they visit and experience establishments. The only difference is that when you return home an online in-depth survey is completed that includes the "facts" of the experience.
  • n•site shoppers are observant, pay attention to detail and communicate well both verbally and in written form.
  • n•site shoppers are timely; shops are completed on time, confirmed on time and return receipts via fax within 24 hours of the shop. This is all important for the client and the shopper so that payment can be made.
How much will I be paid?
Compensation depends on each specific job. Usually, compensation is made in the form of cash for the shop performed, reimbursement of the dollars spent, or both. Payment does not include mileage or exact hourly salary. Gratuities will be reimbursed up to specified reimbursement caps.
How will I be paid?
n•site pays/reimburses all shoppers using PayPal. See for more information.
When will I be paid?
n•site pays/reimburses 30 to 45 days from the date of the shop.
How do I know if there are any mystery shops in my area?
We contact you via email if there is an opportunity that will be a good fit.
What if there are no mystery shops in my area?
If there are no opportunities in your area, consider shopping while traveling. Using Cyber Cafes and your login is an easy way to get the job done.
I've completed the application, now what?
Your application will be reviewed and as soon as there is a shopping opportunity in your area that meets specific demographics you will be contacted. This may take a few days, other times it may be a few months. n•site will hold your application until the right fit is applicable.
What is the process for becoming a mystery shopper?
After you have completed an application and a shop becomes available in your area, an n•site District Coordinator will contact you by e-mail. This email will cover the specifics. Should you wish to perform the shop you will be directed to apply and a shopper ID/password will be given. This will allow you access to the Compliance Requirements and the survey.
Is there training?
n•site's District Coordinators will help you every step of the way. From the initial email instructions, the detailed Compliance Requirement and the easy-to-use website - n•site will be there with the answers. We consider our training to be ongoing as we develop our shoppers to be effective and accurate.
Are there any membership fees?
Is my work evaluated?
Yes. n•site editors check the work you send in before sending it to the client. It is important to be accurate, check spelling and provide as much detail as possible. Completing 3-5 surveys well provides n•site the opportunity to upgrade the shopper to "self-assign" status.
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